Intermediate Yogis & Teachers, Listen Up!


Are you ready to Fly Your Crow and achieve your highest potential with the help of elite coaching?


In the dynamic world of Vinyasa, linking arm balances with inversions such as Crow to Handstand is rarely taught. 


So, you find yourself piecing together tips from workshops and social media.....


But none of it provides a logical step-by-step progression, let alone the feedback you need to know if you're on the right track..... 


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Your Live Monthly Membership by Ella-Vate Yoga💥

Here's what you can expect as a member:

90 minute Crow & Handstand Workshop every Tuesday & Sunday! 

These live and recorded weekly workshops are the place to be!

Gain access to:

  • Instant Feedback: Receive immediate feedback during our live Zoom workshops, allowing you to apply corrections while it's fresh on your mind. 

  • Key Highlights: Inside the replay, you'll discover timestamped 'key highlights' making it easy for you to review and implement.

  • Replays: If life gets in the way of attending the live workshop, no worries-- I've got you covered with the replays!  Delivered straight to your inbox and available for your access for an entire month! 


Treat yourself to Yin Bliss every Sunday!

Yin Yoga offers a range of benefits including:

  • Improved flexibility benefiting both your Handstand and Arm Balance practice.
  • Balance your strength-building classes with a gentle Yin session, allowing your body and mind to find equilibrium between Yin and Yang practices.
  • Make flexibility gains so you can unlock poses like the splits by enhancing both hamstring and hip mobility.
  • Replays will be delivered straight to your inbox and available for you to access for an entire month! 

Coaching From Ella

Post homework in our private FB group--based on 'key highlights' from the replay.

As your coach, I will:

  • Provide specialized feedback on your posts, helping you accelerate your progress! 
  • Assist you in building a stronger foundation by teaching targeted drills that isolate, strengthen and condition your body.
  • If you own the Press course, I'll suggest specific classes to address and fix your problem areas. 

Community Support

Why go at it alone, when you can thrive in a supportive community? 

Join us from home and:

  • Become part of an exclusive community that champions consistent practice!
  • Experience a sense of belonging and connection, fostering accountability and serving as a reminder to practice during life's challenging moments.
  • Stay motivated and inspired by engaging with other's posts, sharing in their victories and challenges as we collectively work on inversions together, yet separately.

This Membership Is For You If...

  • You're eager to fast track your Crow & Press practice and could benefit from the guidance of an elite-level coach who has spent 16,000 thousand hours practicing and teaching handstands.
  • You're a yogi, feeling stuck, frustrated and in search of an actionable plan so you can move forward.
  • You're a yoga teacher seeking in-depth training, tools, and a deeper understanding of inversions to be able to better guide your students. 


I'm Ella!

The creator of Ellavateyoga and your go-to expert for mastering Handstands and unlocking your Press.

Throughout the years, I've helped thousands of adults build a stronger foundation by teaching them how to strengthen, isolate and condition their bodies through curated drills.

These precise drills are designed to help achieve straight line Handstands, unlock the Press and advance Arm Balances.

Remember, you're just one drill away from achieving greatness!

"The live classes are truly the highlight of my week, and I can’t wait to see all the amazing progress and support in our wonderful community! Her tough-as-nail drills and individualized cues helped me develop my core and exposed compression and flexibility I didn’t know I had. I never dreamed I would unlock my press in under a year, but Ella handed me the keys!"

-Jennifer L. from Dallas

"Throughout this past year of doing both her monthly live membership and monthly "pre-recorded classes", I have become so much stronger, my form has improved substantially and the desire to learn is fed continuously through her persona!  She is the best, truly! "

-Debbie B. from Utah

"I’ve learned so much from Ella. Not just proper handstand technique, but also: to breathe, to enjoy the process (even the hard stuff) and to meet my body where it’s at on any given day. "

-Amelia M. from Los Angeles

Your Journey Starts Here!

Unlock Your Crow to Handstand!🚀

Payment Plan


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"From the live Handstand classes to the Yummy Yin and the community space in between, it’s a perfect mix. 
Her words of encouragement and her training keep me focused and engaged."

-Claire D. from Scotland

"You can’t fail to improve when you learn with Ella. My handstand practice has accelerated beyond all expectations since joining her monthly membership 10 month ago!  She’s a handstand teaching phenomenon, and first class yoga teacher. "

-Robyn J. from U.K.

"Best investment I’ve ever made!  I never believed I could do anything like this and wouldn’t have dared try without the support of this group!  I have learned more than I ever dreamed possible!  Grateful every single day."

-Tannis N. from Canada

Not Ready to Commit to a Monthly Membership? 

We understand.

That's why we offer the option to sign up for a single month of our 4-week Series.

Experience the transformative power of our membership, without any long-term commitment.  For just $120, you'll gain access to 3 live classes per week, personalized coaching, and a supportive community of like-minded individuals.

We want to make it as easy as possible for you to achieve your goals.  With our one-time payment option, there are no excuses holding you back.

So why wait? Join now and start your journey towards unlocking your Crow to Handstand with the guidance of a top teacher and a supportive community.

Doors close Tuesday, June 18th at 12pm PST!



Single purchase

  • 90 minute live & recorded inversion Workshop every Tuesday & Sunday.
  • 75 minute live & recorded Stretch & Yin class every Sunday.
  • Access to "replays" for one month.
  • Specialized coaching from Ella on your progress.
  • Become part of a supportive private community to help keep you inspired & focused.


$99 per month

Until cancelled

  • 90 minute live & recorded inversion Workshop every Tuesday & Sunday.
  • 75 minute live & recorded Stretch & Yin class every Sunday.
  • Access to "replays" for one month.
  • Specialized coaching from Ella on your progress.
  • Become part of a supportive private community to help keep you focused.









"Ella’s classes are challenging (in a good way!), always fun and include options for every ability. The level of personal attention is second to none - Ella is warm, nurturing and cares about each member of her handstand community like family. Her yin classes are the perfect antidote to handstands and you will emerge from her program a stronger and bendier hand balancer!"

-Ai Lean from U.K.

"Ella’s Membership classes include a fab mix of inversion training, lots of gymnastic flexibility, some yummy yin and a such a friendly community. I'm 60 next year and never thought I’d ever be able to do a forearm stand as they have always scared me … but with great drills and Ella’s coaching, magic really happens  :))) ""

-Veronica M. from U.K.

"I'm a 61 year old who's been doing Ella's classes for almost 2 years.  I honestly think I'm stronger now than at any point in my life!  Her classes give me so much energy, as well as strength.  Being upside down is like a shot of espresso!  And she has created such a lovely community that all plays together and shares our experiences."

-Cindy F. from Dallas


Your Path to Mastery Starts Here!

Payment Plan


Until cancelled