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Gymnastic vs Yoga Handstand...What's the difference?

handstand handstandtutorial yoga Apr 25, 2024

Technically, the answer should be none!

However, as an ex Jr. Olympic Gymnast and a long-time yoga teacher, I do see three main differences.

#1. Yogis tend to take their hands wider than the shoulders, killing their base. Gymnasts, fortify their foundation by bringing the hands in line with shoulder or even closer together.

#2. Yogis take the gaze forward causing them to sink and collapse into the dreadful banana shape. Gymnasts, drops their gaze keeping the ears in line with the shoulders allowing them to push the ground away easier.

#3. Yogis are often told to keep their glutes soft making it impossible to duplicate a straight line. Gymnasts are taught to engage the glutes so they can protect the low back and achieve the elusive straight line handstand. In conclusion, there's only one handstand.....

Which one are you practicing?

Do you want to see these concepts come to live?

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